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National Convention 2007

Denver, CO (Jul 11-14)

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Well, the National MARAC Convention in Aurora, Colorado is now history. Lots of new friends were made and many old friendships were cemented. It was a blast. Hats off to Matt and Sharon and their committee for hosting a great convention. They arranged for a repeater and PSK operation in the hospitality room. Their staff had the hospitality room fully operational even before the hospitality chairman arrived! All the events went well.

We must thank Ray, W2RP who provided us with a pizza night. He wanted to thank all the CHer's who have helped out. Believe me, it's the members who thank you, Ray. I saw the way that pizza disappeared!

We tried something different this year with the donated prizes. The prize tickets were drawn all day Saturday and were displayed in the hospitality room. The feedback on this was very good. It kept the banquet from dragging on and allowed time for an outstanding presentation.

Our speaker, Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT Rocky Mountain Vice Director of the ARRL was a breath of fresh air. Youth, amateur radio and enthusiasm ... you just can't beat it! I've had a note from Brian thanking us for the opportunity to address our group (thanks Matt) and he is thinking about joining in the county hunting end of the hobby.

Joyce/WB9NUL, Roadrunner Aug 2007

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