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National Convention 2004

Weslaco, TX (Jul 14-17)

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The party is over! Barry and I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all who attended the convention. Someone asked me, "What makes a good convention?" My answer is ... a good team of people (committee chairs) and the people who attend.

The "Dolphin Tour" was a great success ... in fact, the captain kept the group out longer than planned. It seems the dolphins decided to do an extended engagement of showing off. After chasing those dolphins all morning it was off to Blackbeard's to eat a great lunch of seafood, beef, or whatever caught your fancy. The next day was a trip to Mexico. Almost everyone came home with something special to remember their trip.

One of the surprises this year was the swimming pools! What fun, splashing, talking and just hanging out for the entire convention! I plan on bringing my suit next year to Virginia!

Thanks again to our great team and to all our good friends who came to the Lower Rio Grande Valley for the MARAC convention.

Joyce/WB9NUL, Roadrunner Aug 2004

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