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South East Mini Convention 2009

Mount Pleasant, SC (Oct 22-24)

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For those that did not make it to Charleston, pretty good crowd, maybe near 50. great ... no ... Great!! Banquet meal and festivities! Lots to do and was a fun weekend.

W9OP the previous MR UGLY award holder gave the award to the new MR UGLY W4OWY Bob. They say he and Barb have not missed a National or many of the Minis for a long time, maybe over 30 years!

There was an update on Norm/W2IBB, the club sec, still in the hospital after heart surgeries and recovering. Also Terry/WQ7A the club Treas came through his surgery and looking bright. And Chuck/W3CR also had major surgery and word was he is through and recovering. Keep all three in your thoughts.

Thanks to Jim/KZ2P for all the work, and Jeffrey/AF3X and John/W5UGD for assisting. They announced the SE Mini is probably moving, possibly to Charlotte, NC next year. More coming on that next year. Lots of great conversation for many hours ... was a good end to our 12 days on the road. Lots of mobiles running counties to and from also! Thanks to all - KM9X and KB9MGI

Dan/KM9X and Judy/KB9MGI, Roadrunner Nov 2009

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